Liene Dewey


About Me

My name is Liene Freiberga Dewey and I have been painting since January 2010.
I am originally from Latvia, and came to the United States in 2009.

In 1997, while I was visiting my relatives in Colorado, I took some watercolor classes on how to paint landscape in watercolor. My teacher back then was Dottie Michie.  She was a great inspiration and a good teacher, not to mention that she is a wonderful watercolor artist. She was right saying that I will never get away from painting.

I had to go back to Latvia to finish my studies in the University of Latvia. I did not paint while in Latvia. Now, when I am back in the States, my husband Clayton Dewey encouraged me to start painting again. My goal is to achieve transparent watercolor paintings, either with playful colors or light impressions, as well as to acquire my own signature and lines. I also believe that each painting should have a sense of mystery in it.